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Study finds girls with mild autism susceptible to treatment-resistant epilepsy

Study finds girls with mild autism susceptible to treatment-resistant epilepsy

SLI-Autism-ArticleNew York — In a study published in the June issue of Autism Research, researchers at the New York University observed that girls with mild autism are susceptible to what scientists call ‘treatment-resistant’ epilepsy.

It has long been observed by researchers that girls appear less likely to develop autism than boys, and that a significant number of individuals with autism also suffer from epilepsy.

But the latest research on the subject matter concluded that although girls are less likely to develop autism, it is found that when they do, they are more likely to suffer from epilepsy— and that they tend to develop a treatment-resistant variant of the neurological disorder.

The scientists also observed that girls with autism who suffer from the neurological disorder mostly have milder forms of autism.

The study involved 125 individuals with autism aged 2 to 35 years old who were seeking treatment for epilepsy— 97 of whom were male, and 28 were female. The scientists found that only about 24 percent of the male subjects were resistant to two types of epilepsy drugs, while 46 percent of the female ones were unresponsive to the same drugs.

KEEP READING AT SOURCE: http://www.autismdailynewscast.com/study-finds-girls-mild-autism-susceptible-treatment-resistant-epilepsy/29764/altheavioleta/

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