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South Carolina medical marijuana committee considers expanded use

South Carolina medical marijuana committee considers expanded use

OilCHARLESTON, SC – A legislative panel met for the first time today on the prospect of expanding the use of medical marijuana in the Palmetto state.

The meeting was the public’s first chance to speak to legislators on allowing medical marijuana to be used for other diseases aside from epilepsy. “If you go online and see what this medicine can do for these kids,” said Stacy Guarneri, who’s daughter is autistic. “Why would you not want to help them?”

Guarneri among other parents urged legislators to consider the organic drug. “You’ll medicate someone, you’ll give them Klonopin – they can take a drug that’s made for a 70-year-old patient” said Guarneri. “Why you are so against this?

The medical marijuana study committee was formed in June after Governor Haley signed a law into effect allowing those with epilepsy to use cannabis oil as a treatment.

23 states in the country already allow some version of legalized medical marijuana, but no new legislation will be passed in South Carolina until the group finishes it’s research.

The committee’s next meeting will be November 13 in Greenville.

Source: News 2

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