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The Case for The Whole Cannabis Plant

The Case for The Whole Cannabis Plant

For some being treated with Cannabis for their epilepsy, CBD alone is not enough. 

medical-marijuanaCBD for Epilepsy is showing increasing hope for epilepsy treatment and this specific extract is getting attention nationwide and specific legislation is being enacted in many states to allow parents and patients access to CBD specifically.

This is a GOOD thing, however, many other people advocate for the whole plant, with anecdotal evidence that supports the idea that there are OTHER things in the cannabis plant, called “cannibinoids” up to and INCLUDING THC, that are possibly also helpful to seizures, even emergency doses during a seizure.

READ: It takes whole marijuana plant to save girl with epilepsy


In this video, we see Cindimae having a Tonic Clonic seizure and is administered a cannabis medicine during the seizure that seems to stop it. This is from a 3rd party and our sharing this does not constitute an endorsement.

WARNING: [Graphic] Seizure – This is my daughter having a very intense generalized tonic clonic seizure. The medication you see me administer is a highly concentrated cannabis extract in an MCT oil base. This Cannabis Rescue medication stops her awful seizure faster than ANY pharmaceutical ever has – that includes diastat, clonpin, ativan and versed. She has had seizures like this that have lasted HOURS. The federal government needs to remove marijuana from its schedule 1 classification. Get busy to legislate and allow caregivers to medicate. Cyndimae is a legal cannabis user in her new home state. We left the state of Connecticut due to its cannabis laws discrimination against children. It is neglect and abuse to not allow this child to have her life saving medication. Versed has caused cardiac arrest (in a hospital et surrounded my medical professionals). Diastat regularly causes respiratory arrest. Ativan has put her in general status for hours. Cannabis stops her worst most intense seizures and she is baseline and eating within 30 minutes.

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  1. I also am epileptic though not as unfortunate as this. Mine is a different type & a lot less serious, however it does hold me back a lot & stop me from living life to the full. So I dread to think what this girl & her family are going through.

    It took me a long time to decide if I wanted to try cannabis or not, I spent a lot of time researching & saw many articles about how it helps so eventually I decided to try it. I believe it has done wonders for me & has reduced my seizures & auras. However, cannabis is still illegal in the UK & the nurse that I see, apparently told my mother over the phone that for a lot of people, cannabis can make epilepsy worse; this made me think – If there is apparently not enough evidence to support that it helps epilepsy, then why is there enough evidence to support that it makes it worse?

    I really think it should be legalised medically, it’s simply not right to restrict people of their medications. Especially if it is an all natural medicine that has many more benefits for the eco system & such. I personally believe that it should be legalised all together, it has so many uses & benefits.


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