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Protecting Your Child’s Head: New Football Helmet Study

Head injury is the leading cause of epilepsy so we are posting this article. Please wear a helmet when you are active, bike riding, sports, etc. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Youth football helmets are currently designed the same as adult helmets, even though it isn’t known how child football players impact their heads. This novel study conducted at Virginia Tech investigates the head impact characteristic...

Computer Programs Reveal That Differing Structures Underlie Differing Brain Rhythms In Healthy And Ill

Virtual brains modeling epilepsy and schizophrenia display less complexity among functional connections, and other differences compared to healthy brain models, researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine report. The researchers worked backward from brain rhythms – the oscillating patterns of electrical activity in the brain recorded on electroencephalograms – fro...

MMR Vaccination and Febrile Seizures

 “Febrile seizures” are common among children and they generally have an uneventful outcome. These seizures can occur (and re-occur) between 9 months and 5 years of age when children develop fever. They rarely develop into epilepsy. There is a strong tendency within a family to develop febrile seizures.

Epilepsy Surgery Keeps Half of Patients Seizure-Free

About half of adult patients treated with epilepsy surgery remain seizure-free a decade later, according to a large follow-up study of the procedure.

Epilepsy Surgery Often Successful Long-Term

October 14, 2011 — For many patients with refractory focal epilepsy, neurosurgery can mean freedom from seizures, according to results of what is believed to be the largest and longest prospective study of epilepsy surgery outcomes ever conducted. John S. Duncan, FMedSci, FRCP, professor of neurology, University College London Institute of Neurology, United Kingdom, and medical director, Epilepsy ...

Advances in MRI for ‘Cryptogenic’ Epilepsies

Nearly one-third of patients with focal epilepsy experience disabling seizures that are refractory to pharmacotherapy. Drug-resistant focal epilepsy is, however, potentially curable by surgery. Although lesions associated with the epileptic focus can often be accurately detected by MRI, in many patients conventional imaging based on visual evaluation is unable to pinpoint the surgical target. Pati...

Mystery of MRI-Related Vertigo Solved?

October 12, 2011 — The puzzle of what causes vertigo in patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which has baffled researchers for years, may now be solved, a new study suggests. Johns Hopkins University investigators believe that the key to the dizziness that almost everyone undergoing MRI experiences lies in a phenomenon known as the Lorentz force. This force results from the intera...

Maternal depression adversely affects quality of life in children with epilepsy

A study by Canadian researchers examined the prevalence of maternal depression and its impact on children newly diagnosed with epilepsy. Prevalence of depression in mothers ranged from 30%-38% within the first 24 months following a child’s epilepsy diagnosis. The mother’s depressive symptoms negatively impacted the child’s health-related quality of life, but the effects were moderated by the amoun...

Pfizer Stops Epilepsy Drug Trial as Efficacy Proved

Pfizer Inc. the world’s biggest drugmaker, said it stopped a clinical trial of its epilepsy medicine Lyrica after results showed it was as effective as a stand-alone therapy for certain-types of seizures.

Genetic Basis for Autism Possibly Discovered

Since we have so many children of parents asking for this type of information and their child having both seizures and Autism we have posted this article. EpilepsyU.com Autism is one of the most common genetic alterations, caused by a deletion of the 27-gene cluster on chromosome 16. By generating mouse models of autism, scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) provided the first evidenc...

Don’t Let Congress Hurt American Charities

Please help by calling your Senator and voicing your opinion. A powerful group of Senators is proposing to significantly reduce key tax benefits for donating to charities. This comes at a time when nonprofit organizations desperately need all the funding they can get. If anything, the US should increase incentives for individuals to donate, not reduce them!

CMC in Aspen hit with discrimination complaint

Student with epilepsy the second to stand up to school. A formal discrimination complaint against Colorado Mountain College, which asks the school to place three faculty members on leave during an investigation into a recent incident, is now in the school’s hands. Aspen resident Channing Seideman, who has epilepsy, claims that certain CMC faculty members inappropriately handled a seizure she...

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