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Mechanisms of Childhood Epilepsy Better Understood by A Gene Discovery in Truffle Dogs

Scientists have revealed that a new epilepsy gene, LGI2, has been found in the Lagotto Romagnolo dogs, known from their gift for truffle hunting. The gene discovery made by Professor Hannes Lohi and his research group at the University of Helsinki and the Folkhälsan Research Center offers a new candidate gene for human benign childhood epilepsies characterized by seizure remission. The research w...

New Dog Gene May Shed Light on Childhood Epilepsy

FRIDAY, July 29 (HealthDay News) — An epilepsy gene, called LGI2, has been found in Lagotto Romagnolos — a specific breed of dog known for truffle hunting, according to a new study. Researchers say the newly identified gene has enabled the development of a DNA test for these dogs. The gene discovery is also significant for humans, providing new perspective on the development of a child...

Truth and lies about the Sacred Disease

This illness has many names: “divine,” “sacred,” “demonic,” “Moon,” “bad,” “black sickness”, “shakes”, “grievous suffering,” “punishment of Christ.” It is unparalleled in terms of myths surrounding it. Which of them are true and which are false? Myth #1 Epilepsy is a mental illness that shou...

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