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March 26 is PURPLE DAY!

March 26 is PURPLE DAY!

f3958816-aee3-4417-be72-de6d11ba0fd7_lEpilepsy is the most common serious neurological condition in the world. An estimated 50+ million people across the globe are currently living with seizures.

Epilepsy is more than three times as common as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy.

Sadly however, due to the longstanding social stigmas and misconceptions associated with epilepsy, many people do not disclose their condition. This of course has lead to low community awareness about epilepsy.

Every year, epilepsy awareness is bolstered and honored in two special times; Purple Day (March 26), and Epilepsy Awareness Month (November).

Purple Day is just 3 days away and we want all of you to WEAR PURPLE in support of Epilepsy Awareness!

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  1. We will be wearing our purple

  2. I will have my purple on

  3. I will be wearing Purple!

  4. Im tattooed with purple for daily awareness!

  5. I will be wearing purple

  6. I will be wearing purple


  8. My son has the VNS. Stimulater. He helps so much

    • I as an adult also have a VNS implant, I still have to take my seizure meds, but without the VNS my quality of life would have dropped severely,.
      I only wish it was around in the late ’80’s, so my Mom could have had one, too. God bless your son.

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