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Swimming Despite Epilepsy: The Michael Repman Story

Swimming Despite Epilepsy: The Michael Repman Story

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports)-

“The thing I remember most is waking up in the hospital,” said Michael Repman

“Really pretty terrifying,” said his dad, Tim.

Michael Repman loves swimming. He first started when he was eight years old.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.41.33 AM“I’ve just been doing it all my life,” said Michael.

But his swimming career almost ended before it even started.

“I’d never been in the hospital before and I was like where am I?” said Michael.

At 10 years old, his mom found him passed out on the floor of his house. He suffered an epileptic seizure.

“I was scared to death that you know I didn’t know what had happened,” said Tim.

There was uncertainty if Michael would ever swim again.

“I was a little bit nervous of getting back in the water. It’s where I can relax,” said Michael.

For five years he tried medications, but the seizures continued. Finally in 2012, a doctor from UCLA removed the cist from his brain. But through all the tough times, Michael escaped by submerging himself in the thing he liked best, swimming.

“A big part of it is all my friends. I love being around my friends,” said Michael.

Friends supported him through his frustration, and now success.

“This last season I started to make some best times in my events. It is just an enormous feeling of accomplishment,” said Michael.

“He’s doing things that other people don’t have to do and he does it every single day. I’m just really proud of his efforts he puts in,” said Michael’s coach Bob Kizer.

Michael still takes one medicine a day as a preventative, but his passion for swimming is at an all -time high.

“There’s days when he gets up and we’ve had to take him to swimming and I’ll say ‘Michael you sure you don’t want to sleep in?’ and he’ll say ‘no dad, we gotta go!’” said Tim.

“I’m just going to keep on swimming,” said Michael.

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