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Medical cannabis being discussed in Tallahassee this morning

florida-medical-marijuana-420-hbtv-hemp-beach-tvToday, January 9, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. in Tallahassee, Florida state legislators in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee will be discussing in a workshop the potential legalization of medical cannabis. Other state legislators are being encouraged to attend the workshop to learn more about future legislation and the reality of cannabis and its uses. If you would like to encourage your state legislator to attend, use this quick and simple link to do so.

Cannabis activists in Florida are encouraged the Florida legislature will take up some form of legalization with the huge number of Florida voters in favor of cannabis legalization. A likely scenario is when the Florida legislature meets for 60 days later this winter in Tallahassee they offer to put it on the ballot in November for voters to decide on whether to make cannabis legal in Florida. With the conservative Republican controlled legislature, it is unlikely to be in form recently adopted in Colorado, however is likely to be restricted for medical purposes. Those voting against putting the issue on the ballot for voters to decide will likely face large opposition in the reelection bids.

The purpose of today’s workshop is to educate state legislators as to the benefits of medical cannabis with a focus on the strain known as Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte’s Web is a sativa cannabis strain that has been effective in treating seizures in adults and children as has a large range of other medical uses. The name famously came from the Colorado Stanley Brothers when they used a high-CBD content cannabis product on a young epileptic patient named Charlotte. The treatment worked when no other standard medicines would resulting in a much happier, healthier child.

Unfortunately, many conservatives in Tallahassee have images of Cheech and Chong going through their mind whenever they hear the word ‘cannabis’ or its Mexican variation ‘marijuana’. Images of grandma or children toking on a joint is often what I have heard from conservatives. Once educated this is not necessarily the the case, many have come around to at the very least tolerance to full out acceptance of the medical benefits to cannabis use.

The Florida Cannabis Action Network has been on the forefront to fully legalize cannabis in Florida and this year could be there year they have been waiting for. The organization, led by Jodi James, has been better organized than it has ever been and been generating more support from both the public and politicians over the last 18 months. Their recent Veterans Tour had an impact on many they came in contact and is generating the education necessary to show cannabis is not the evil plant some Floridians may think.

Another cog in the wheel to legalize cannabis has been Robert Platshorn who started the Silver Tourto educate seniors as to how cannabis can benefit them and their medical conditions. Seniors are a strong voting block in Florida and legislators would be committing political suicide not to listen them.

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