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The Fight For CBD in Utah

The Fight For CBD in Utah
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(KUTV) A group of Utah parents are trying to change the law, so they can get treatment that might cure their children of epilepsy.April Sintz’s son Issac started having seizures when he was six months old. By the time her son was three, the seizures were so severe, doctors weren’t sure he would walk or talk again.

“We are fighting for his life, we are fighting for his quality of life,” says April.

April was at a meeting in downtown Salt Lake City Tuesday, where parents met with the Controlled Substances Advisory Board, trying to convince lawmakers to amend interstate commerce laws that prohibit cannabis and hemp products to be transported across state lines.
A cannabis and hemp producer in Colorado has developed a type of hemp oil that treats neurological disorders. Josh Stanley says the product is non-controversial because it doesn’t produce a ‘high’ and is non-addictive. He says it’s strictly used for medical purposes.

“We’re seeing anywhere from a 99 to 100 percent reduction in seizure rates,” says Josh, who along with his family, started the non-profit group called Realm of Caring. “Our first little girl Charlotte was having 400 seizures a week, after the first week on these meds, [she had] zero!”

Because cannabis and hemp products can’t be transported from state to state, young Issac Sintz, and other Utah children with epilepsy, can’t get their hands on the miracle cannabis oil.

“This is legal, our product is legal in Utah, but because the Federal Government says we can’t bring it from Colorado to Utah these kids are suffering,” says Josh.

April Sintz is desperate to find something that works for Issac. She says his condition is more stable now than it’s ever been, because of a heavy dose of medicines. He still has seizures quite often, and a side effect of all the drugs is causing kidney failure. “That is why we’re so desperate to try something new that can help control his seizures without the horrible side effects,” says April.

State lawmakers that were present at today’s meeting say they’ll do what they can to allow parents access to the oil. “I would think the easiest and the best way to handle this is to create a new category,” says Representative Gage Froerer, “because that’s what it is, it’s not your typical marijuana plant.”

Froerer says he’ll work to create a bill that will be presented during January’s legislative session.

April Sintz says the sooner the better. “Today [Issac] is at home having seizures and sleeping, he can’t even eat, he has a feeding tube.”

SOURCE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/11/mass-shooting-detroit_n_4250706.html

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  1. I have grand mal seizures, pot would put me into petti mal seizures. BUT if it works for some then go for it. The medical benefits cannabis has for so many different things is wonderful.

    • When they speak of CBD they are not speaking of THC. There are different oils cannabis produces. CBD doesinduce a high it helps control seizure level and it should be a lalegalized medication for thisl

  2. Why is penicillin okay but CBD is a fight? The double standards in this country are truly laughable… The general Media doesn’t help either with the ambiguous nature behind CBD segments.

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