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CBD Trials for Epilepsy Get the Green Light From FDA

CBD Trials for Epilepsy Get the Green Light From FDA

Cibdex-All-productsThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration will allow some doctors to use the marijuana molecule to treat epilepsy, reports the “the medical cannabis journal O’Shaughnessy’s today.

The FDA will allow the use of purified CBD as an anti-seizure medication in about 50 patients treated at UCSF in San Francisco and the NYU School of Medicine in New York. The CBD will be provided by GW Pharmaceuticals, which has named its CBD product “Epidiolex”.

Cannabis has been used since biblical times as a treatment for epilepsy, which encompasses about 40 seizure disorders. The cannabis component “cannabidiol” has well-known anti-seizure properties, but its use has been banned up until recently due to the War on Pot. Tens of thousands have likely suffered and died as a result of the ban.

“If CBD turns out to be merely equal to conventional medications prescribed for epilepsy (rather than more effective), it may well be superior in terms of side effects. There is evidence that conventional anti-convulsants are detrimental to cognition and longterm development, whereas CBD is likely to prove benign.”

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  1. http://www.unitedforcare.org/petition

    Let’s bring it to Florida, it’s simple. Just print the petition, sign it and mail it. I did it for my som who has epilepsy. Who are you going to sign it for?


  2. I am hoping this comes to SC. All conventional medicine that my son has tried does not work and/or had too many side effects. We tried the Keto Diet as well and that didn’t work either. It would be nice to try this and see if it would work.

  3. Hmmm…I think the photo of the Cibdex you show above is already an ‘over the counter’ cbd supplement, provided through Hemp Meds. They also have a product with a much higher CBD ,called RSHO (Real Scientific Hemp Oil) made by Real Scientific. It is available through Hemp Meds and has been seen on Ebay and Amazon! Cibdex, and Can Chew are two other CBD products from the same company. Quite sure they are not affiliated with the drug Epidiox, through G.W.Pharmaceuticals, which the article above is referring to. Sounds like the later is a trial, prescription only item where as the hemp based products are easily obtained asap over the counter. Or for those who prefer the true cannabis based high CBD, AC/DC, Oracle and Charlotte’s Web(cbd’s in the 20s/thc1 or less) all seem to be the same plant strain. There is research that suggests a bit of THC in combination with a high CBD may add synergy to the medication. This is all promising for anyone with epilepsy…

    • Hi Kristi! Thank you for the input about the image shown in this article. It is just an image we found online for CBD, and understand that it is not the actual formulation discussed in the article. It is there for visual purpose only and is not intended to represent the real product. Thank you so much for the clarification and input!

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