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Cannabinoid Clarification

Cannabinoid Clarification
Cannabinoid Receptor Education

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We replied to a comment on Facebook with this information and we think it is worth sharing as a post, to clarify non-psychoactive, high CBD, cannabis derived medicine from the plant that is commonly used as a recreational drug and give some more information about Cannabinoid receptors for higher understanding.

“Cannabinoids are a term that describe the chemicals that are a class of diverse compounds that activate cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Some of these chemicals can also be psychoactive, meaning it affects brain function, resulting in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior. CBD is a cannabinoid that does not have a psychoactive effect, meaning that perception and coordination are not affected, as in the high one would experience using moderate to high THC containing substance. Simply put, the receptors are activated, but there is no high.”


Cannabinoid receptors are present in almost every living thing, plants, reptiles, birds and mammals (lacking in insects), and your body produces and uses endocanabinoids, and many of the the same neural receptors can use both body and plant cannabinoids. The relation between calming epilepsy and these receptors are the #1 area of research that needs to be explored to understand how these cannabis derived medicines are working.

If you look at it in this scientific way, and consider that your body is made to accept cannabinoids, it is not that strange to think of Cannabinoids as possible medicine for various ailments. We just don’t have as much understanding as we do about other medicines, because the government has made it illegal during the last century’s boom in Science.


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  1. It’s annoying to think, our bodies are made to accept cannabinoids, or else we wouldn’t be making endocannabinoids but rather the exo form instead to reject it and by the looks of it there is so much potential. The way I understand it, sorry if I have made mistakes/misread but, this chemical is native to many living beings but it’s highest concentrated source is still illegal? If so then wouldn’t that by definition make all creatures and plants(and anything inbetween) illegal, including humans? I reckon that the governments need to realise that special interests are minisculed by the growing need for public health interests and the more understanding there is of cannabinoids the more likely that they will have to lift this ban and let the research continue to new levels with x amount of funding which will eventually be good to the progress and speed of this research.

    • “this chemical is native to many living beings but it’s highest concentrated source is still illegal” YES, you got the point, exactly.

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