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Jeff Klauk Pro-Golfer Shares Story After Epilepsy Surgery

klaukThere are other places that will do it to you, but you never sweat more than at a golf tournament.

Especially when you are working on the hottest week of the year.

Of course the weather gods decided for this week to crack the 90 degree mark in Wichita, right for the start of the Air Capital Classic.

The tournament is still buzzing despite the name change. The crowd for the Monday Shootout was the biggest I’ve ever seen. Helps when you have the fan favorites in the field: Josh Broadaway, Jason Gore and Andres Gonzales all alongside seven local pros.  Jeff Klauk and Wichita Country Club’s Cary Cozby won $800 and bragging rights. Klauk is an exceptional story. He underwent brain surgery in 2012 after being diagnosed with epilepsy two years earlier. He was experiencing Grand Mal seizures, where he lost consciousness and violent muscle spasms.

He played last season on a medical extension. He remains on anti-seizure medicine.

Klauk is just one of hundred’s of stories out there this week at Crestview Country Club. I look forward to telling as many as I can. We will highlight the 17th hole this week, with a tour you’ve never seen before. We will talk to all the former Shockers in the field and the tour’s money leader Michael Putnam, as well as fan favorite Woody Austin.

Let’s hope there is enough daylight for us to get this all in…

NOTE: EpilepsyU.com will be fortunate enough to be interviewing Jeff on June 18th.

Source: KWCH.com

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