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An Epilepsy Patient in India is given functional brain mapping

brain-mapping-enlgKOCHI: Functional brain mapping, a highly technical procedure, was done for a epilepsy patient at the Amrita Advanced Epilepsy Centreat Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences here on Thursday. The procedure was done as part of the two-day workshop on the latest treatment modalities for epilepsy.

The patient, a young woman hailing from Kochi, underwent this procedure as part of her treatment. Functional brain mapping is done only in a few centres across the world as it requires state-of-the-art facilities.

The various aspects of the brain mapping were explained by epilepsy experts like Dr Taufik Valiante, co-director of the epilepsy programme at the University of Toronto, and Dr Venkat Sadanand, associate professor of Loma Linda Medical Centre, Los Angeles, USA.

Dr Prem Nair, medical director of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr Anand Kumar, head of the department of neurology, Dr Dileep Panicker, head of the department of neuro surgery, and others were also present.

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