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Upcoming Event: Ketogenic Diet Twitter Chat

Do you have questions about the Ketogenic Diet? Here is your chance to get them answered by Kelly B. Urbanik, RD, LD/N, CSP of Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children on November 15th at 10:00 AM.

Follow @APHospital and @EpilepsyU on Twitter for more information and watch the tweets closely on the day of the event. Tip: Use http://tweetchat.com and enter hashtag #EpilepsyNutrition to follow all the tweets related to the event!

Kelly participated in a webinar on EpilepsyU recently, check out that webinar below!

Visit the Webinar Archives to view all of the EpilepsyU webinars!


Chuck Carmen, Executive Director of the Epilepsy Assoociation of Central Florida discusses the Ketogenic Diet and the Modified Atkins Diet with Dr. Jana Kojic, MD and Kelly B. Urbanik, RD, LD/N, CSP of Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

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  1. My son is 24 years old and had epilepsy since he was 16. What Neurologist do you recommend at Orlando area that is using the modified Atkins diet to reduce the number of seizures. Please help us. His neurologist doesn’t believe on this and is not helping us to find anyone. He said, just change for another specialist.

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