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EpilepsyU.com Contest

EpilepsyU Members and Users,

We will be holding a new contest for our users and we would love your feedback on what the prize should be.

We want to hold our next contest for www.epilepsyU.com registered users.  What would you like to see as the next prize? A TV , a pad like an I-pad or Samsung Galaxy, a laptop, or any other idea you may have to share with us? We have given away a TV and Flip Cameras and sorry our budget won’t allow us to give away a new car.

Share with us what you would like to see since you may be the winner? If you haven’t registered in the ” U” do it today and starting looking around so you can be a winner.  We want to hear from you!


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  1. A 3-day cruise

  2. Those prizes are nice but I would love a new video montior system to watch Sabrina at night. The one we have now is a few years old, it rattles which is isn’t supposed to do, and I would love one that allows you to pan and zoom for when she is playing in her room by herself. It would just put my worries at ease…at least a little bit. Just a thought. I know not everyone would need a monitor system…maybe a gift card instead?

  3. Great idea and useful! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  4. Dr. John, the cruise is a good idea and I could use it myself. We could work on that idea out of Port Canaveral, Florida?

  5. How you give out Wii or xbox 360 for prizes and u give out the wwe 13

  6. iPod or android phone

  7. The new iPods are awesome!

  8. Buy us some for a present then, but their extremely expensive

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