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Parent burn epileptic child

11-year-old boy who is suffering from epilepsy was admitted to hospital with burn injuries.

During medical examination, doctors found the boy had burn marks on both arms.

When his parents were questioned they revealed that when the boy suffered seizures at night, his mother used incense sticks to burn his hands, following the customs of her village.

Initially the father denied any knowledge and the mother said he sustained those injuries when he fell.

The victim has been suffering from epilepsy for the past four years. According to the parents, the intensity of the convulsions has increased recently.

On Monday night the boy had an attack, he fell hurting his head and nasal bone. His mother could not take him to a doctor as it was too late in the night.

His father stayed at work that night and in his absence the mother followed traditional beliefs of their village and scorched the boy’s arms with incense sticks.

The boy is too afraid to speak, refused to utter a word when inquired about his health, reports MidDay.

Source: http://www.emirates247.com

Note: EpilepsyU comment:  The article did not say what country the boy is from or where they live now.

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  1. This is so sad. There are so many misconceptions about epilepsy all over the world. A close family friend had told us a story about someone she knew that had epilepsy. They cut the shirt off of the person, burned the shirt and had that person inhale the smoke. After this, the person never had a seizure again. Of course she suggested we try this with my daughter to which I nodded polietly and giggled as I walked away. At least this story didn’t involve burning of a person.

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