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Epilepsy Stigmas Still Abound, Even in England!

A teenage epilepsy sufferer was ordered off a bus after the heartless driver dismissed her disability and relevant travel card as – a ‘P*SS TAKE’.

Devastated Jess McGee, 19, was on her usual route to her job at a supermarket when she showed the driver her legal bus pass.

Jess has suffered epilepsy since she was 14 and has a disability travel card to use on her daily trips to her job because it prevents her from driving.

jess mcgee

Jess McGee, 19, was on her usual route to her job at a supermarket when she showed the driver her legal bus pass

But when she tried to board the Number 13 service a driver asked for a closer look and demanded to know her disability.

She explained her condition but the driver told her it was a “p*ss take” and ordered her to pay up or get off the bus.

Jess, of Bath, Somerset, was carrying no money but was saved by a kind passenger who stepped up and paid her fare for her.

She said: “I felt very shocked and embarrassed. I was so shocked at the time that I didn’t feel I could put up an argument.

“People I have spoken to since have said all the things I should have said to him but at the time I just couldn’t.”

The incident happened when she tried to use her Diamond travel card from Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Mum Penny fumed: “I was just really outraged. She is totally reliant on public transport because she hasn’t got the option to drive.

“She has got a lot of barriers that have stopped her from doing things, but she is trying to live life to the full.

“It just made me angry that anybody could treat anybody like that. It was just absolutely none of his business what her disability was.”

A spokesman from operator First said it was investigating the incident.

He said: “We take all customer feedback very seriously and strive to deliver the best possible service for all our customers.”

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  1. It sickens me that this happened. I would have flipped if that was my daughter. That driver should be fired.

  2. Appears the folks across the sea need a little education about seizure disorders. It never fails to amaze me that in this day and age we still live in a world with such ignorance.

  3. We’ve talked about this a lot over here. Despite a pretty good social view of disabilities, traditional steriotypes stand firm within some people’s minds and perceptions. Luckily we have the laws to protect us from these narrow minded people, also we have agencies and charities that offer amazing training. Only time will tell.

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