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Featured Blog: Brandy Parker’s Finding a cure….

Featured Blog: Brandy Parker’s Finding a cure….

This is a great article about the quest for the cure, written by .  This article was originally found on My Epilepsy Story, and posted Friday, July 29, 2011. The EpilepsyU staff loved the story and asked Brandy on twitter if we could share her expose´.

Finding a cure….

There has been much discussion lately in regards to finding a cure for epilepsy. Some people believe that it is taking away from therapy treatments for patients with epilepsy.  As a person who has lived with epilepsy for 20 years, I want a cure for this.  I realize that I am in the lucky group that is responding to treatment, yet I feel burdened for the group that is not responding to treatment.  Who will speak for this group?  I know that I can speak for them because I live with epilepsy!  I want them to respond to treatment as I do, but I really want all of us to have a cure!

If we had a cure than we would not have to have better therapy treatments.  I see the importance of having more research in the area of better medications, testing, etc until a cure is found.  I also see the need for advocating for people living with epilepsy.  However, if we do not focus on a cure than we are just allowing epilepsy to control us all……

More people will continue to die from SUDEP and this is unacceptable!  We need more biomedical research in the area of a cure for epilepsy.  We need more advocating, more awareness, better medications, and we need to all work together for this!  We could make a HUGE impact if we all worked together instead of putting down each other.  We all have different passions for epilepsy and we need to band together and support each others passion!


About the Author, :
I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children. I have lived with epilepsy for 20 years and I am lucky to be in the 70%

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of people with epilepsy who responds to treatment. Yet, my life has been dramatically impacted by epilepsy. Research now shows that the antiepileptic drug I was prescribed while pregnant with my first child can cause developmental delay. This is characterized by lower verbal IQ in children when exposed in utero. My
son has been diagnosed with a language disorder. I grapple with the emotions that the seizure medication I took to not have epilepsy affect me on a daily basis, has now affected my son on a daily basis. My passion is for a cure for epilepsy and to speak out for how epilepsy impacts everyone.
Please visit my Website:http://www.myepilepsystory.org, Blog: http://www.myepilepsystory.blogspot.com, Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/myepilepsystory and Twitter: http://ww.twitter.com/myepilepsystory

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