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  1. Understanding Stroke Risk in Pregnancy

    Understanding Stroke Risk in Pregnancy

    A New York State study found that younger, not older women suffered an increase risk of stroke, both during pregnancy and in postpartum. Younger women — not older women — had an increased risk of stroke during pregnancy and the postpartum period compared to non-pregnant women of the same age, according to the results of a new study published online...

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  2. University of Calgary neuro chip offers hope for treating neurological disease

    University of Calgary neuro chip offers hope for treating neurological disease

    Could lead to personalized medication for people with epilepsy and Parkinson’s Scientists at the University of Calgary have developed a neuro chip that could one day be used in the treatment of Parkinson’s, epilepsy and other neurological diseases. The “bionic hybrid neuro chip” is able to record activity in animal brain cells for long periods of time, and in much greater...

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  3. 7 Things You Should Know About Epilepsy

    7 Things You Should Know About Epilepsy

    Seizures don’t always look like what you’d imagine. If all you know about seizures and epilepsy comes from movies, chances are you picture a person shaking violently and foaming at the mouth after seeing too many flashing lights. While that’s one of the faces of epilepsy, the seizure disorder doesn’t always look that way. Though it’s more common in young...

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Pamela Boodram

EpilepsyU is Awesome for Parents!

Epilepsy U is a very valuable resource for people living with Epilepsy all over the word. I have met many people online and gained knowledge and formed new friendships. I have also created a page for Parents of School Children to allow parents to ask questions regarding a 504 plan, or IEP for their child. I am a certified school counselor and feel that I may be able to be a resource for parents. I also started a group for people living with or the parent of someone living with SCN1A gene (epilepsy gene). Before Epilepsy U I felt alone…NOT ANYMORE!!!

Pamela Boodram


Grow with the Community!

It’s overwhelming the amount of people who have no knowledge of Epilepsy or what to do if someone is having a seizure. EpilepsyU is a great resource for those who are looking for treatment and resources helpful to anyone interested in learning about the disorder. I highly recommend you sign up and grow with the community.