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  1. 14-year-old’s life ‘spent on a leash’

    14-year-old’s life ‘spent on a leash’

    One mothers story.  Social issues can be more difficult to deal with than the medical aspects of epilepsy.  Please do your best not to shelter your child.  Raise them with high self esteem, it is so important.  Do your best to get them involved in activities  Contact your local epilepsy organization to see what they may do.  We take kids...

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Pamela Boodram

EpilepsyU is Awesome for Parents!

Epilepsy U is a very valuable resource for people living with Epilepsy all over the word. I have met many people online and gained knowledge and formed new friendships. I have also created a page for Parents of School Children to allow parents to ask questions regarding a 504 plan, or IEP for their child. I am a certified school counselor and feel that I may be able to be a resource for parents. I also started a group for people living with or the parent of someone living with SCN1A gene (epilepsy gene). Before Epilepsy U I felt alone…NOT ANYMORE!!!

Pamela Boodram

Trey Copeland

Grow with the Community!

It’s overwhelming the amount of people who have no knowledge of Epilepsy or what to do if someone is having a seizure. EpilepsyU is a great resource for those who are looking for treatment and resources helpful to anyone interested in learning about the disorder. I highly recommend you sign up and grow with the community.

Trey Copeland

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